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Course cards

Course cards are easy to access clickable components used in collections to navigate to the course home page.


How to use course cards

Course cards are rendered using a shared template found in course/templates/coursecard.mustache. They are loaded throught JavaScript or PHP on pages like the user dashboard.

Course cards should always contain an image, if no image is provided by the backend a placeholder image is used. The card image and title should be clickable and should always link you to a course page.

Course cards should always show

  • Course image
  • Course full name
  • Course category
  • If a course is favourited


{ "courses": [ { "viewurl": "https://moodlesite/course/view.php?id=2", "courseimage": "", "fullname": "Mathematics Year One", "isfavourite": true, "coursecategory": "Category 1", "showcoursecategory": true, "visible": true } ] }


A deck of course cards: core_course/view-cards.mustache

A single card: course/templates/coursecard.mustache


The data structure for course cards are provided by the exporter class: course/classes/external/course_summary_exporter.php


Course cards can be used in any place that lists courses, it helps users quickly scan the available content and find a course based on the remembered course image or the course name. Guidelines for using course cards are:

  • Keep them simple
  • Minimize the number of actions on a card
  • Use images smartly

The example below show a deck of cards as used on the starred courses block

{ "courses": [ { "viewurl": "https://moodlesite/course/view.php?id=2", "courseimage": "", "fullname": "Mathematics Year One", "isfavourite": true, "coursecategory": "Category 1", "showcoursecategory": true, "visible": true }, { "viewurl": "https://moodlesite/course/view.php?id=3", "courseimage": "", "fullname": "Health and Safety", "isfavourite": false, "coursecategory": "Business", "showcoursecategory": true, "visible": true }, { "viewurl": "https://moodlesite/course/view.php?id=4", "courseimage": "", "fullname": "French Advanced", "isfavourite": false, "coursecategory": "Languages", "showcoursecategory": true, "visible": true }, { "viewurl": "https://moodlesite/course/view.php?id=4", "courseimage": "", "fullname": "French Year one", "isfavourite": false, "coursecategory": "Languages", "showcoursecategory": true, "visible": true } ] }

Placeholder images

Cards usually don’t really look great without images. That’s why we show a placeholder image when no course image is provided. Placeholder images are rendered in core using a library that generates a uniqueish svg’s from idnumbers.