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Activity icons

Activity icons are used to quickly identify the activty types


Activity icon types

Moodle activity icons are single black svg icons that is stored in mod/PLUGINNAME/pix/icon.svg.

Minimal activity icons

When rendered in a page with limited space the icons will be shown in their original design, for example on the course gradebook where activity show in the grade table header. Note: the icon is using the .icon css class for sizing.

Quiz icon Multiple choice quiz 1

Coloured activity icons

In places like the course page and the activity chooser icons have a more prominent role and they should be rendered on a coloured background in white.

The CSS classes for these icons are activityiconcontainer wrapper class with the added activity name. And the activityicon class for the image. See the template course/format/templates/local/content/cm/title.mustache for more info.

<div class="media mb-3">
    <div class="activityiconcontainer assessment mr-3">
<img src="" class="activityicon" alt="Quiz icon">
    <div class="media-body align-self-center">
        <div class="text-uppercase small">quiz</div>
        <div class="activityname"><a href="#">Multiple choice quiz 1</a></div>

Activity purposes

In the HTML for the example above you might notice the assessment css class after .activityiconcontainer. This class is the result of assigning a purpose to the quiz activity in /mod/quiz/lib.php.

function quiz_supports($feature) {
    switch($feature) {
        case FEATURE_PLAGIARISM: return true;

The available activity purposes are:

  • Administration
  • Assessment
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Content
  • Interface
  • Other

each defined as ‘MOD_PURPOSE_X’, so Assessment is MOD_PURPOSE_ASSESSMENT.

Purpose colours

The activity icon colours can be customised using the theme Boost ‘Raw initial SCSS’ feature. Simply copy any of these scss variables that you want to customize, change the colour value and done! There is no background colour for the ‘Other’ type purpose, it defaults to light-grey: #f8f9fa.

$activity-icon-administration-bg: #5d63f6;
$activity-icon-assessment-bg:     #eb66a2;
$activity-icon-collaboration-bg:  #f7634d;
$activity-icon-communication-bg:  #11a676;
$activity-icon-content-bg:        #399be2;
$activity-icon-interface-bg:      #a378ff;

Custom activity icons

Some activities allow icons to be customised. This can be done by implementing callback XXX_get_coursemodule_info() returning instance of object e.g. mod/lti/lib.php

$info = new cached_cm_info();
$info->iconurl = new moodle_url('');

To get this customised icon, use:

$iconurl = get_fast_modinfo($courseid)->get_cm($cmid)->get_icon_url()->out(false);


Choice icon
Interface icon